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The essential guide to predictive maintenance for OEMs

Get industry 4.0 insights and learn how to build a more sustainable operation with a predictive maintenance strategy 

What you'll learn from this e-book:

In this e-book we’ll explain why predictive maintenance is the future, what challenges your and your clients might encounter and how to calculate the monetary benefits of switching to this maintenance strategy.

The ebook highlights include 

  • An introduction to the different types of asset maintenance strategies 
  • Pros and cons of each maintenance strategy
  • 8 reasons why predictive maintenance strategy saves a business money 
  • How to calculate the ROI and TCO for a predictive maintenance strategy  

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An overview topics we'll cover in this ebook include 

Types of maintenance

What maintenance strategies are out there and how do smart assets benefit your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)? 

Potential pitfalls

Get an overview of the practical and mental hurdles manufacturers need to overcome when adopting predictive monitoring.

Calculating ROI & TCO

Get insight in all the costs and gains of your industrial maintenance strategy, and build your own business case.

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