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Creating new disruptive revenue streams

The way we interact with customers is changing. At the heart of this is a servitization strategy: the shift from traditional business models to an outcome-based, product as a service (PaaS) model. Learn how to create new revenue streams via a servitization strategy

How to implement a servitization strategy? 

Servitization is the strategy for OEMs to offer services for the products they sell. It's about transitioning from a transactional-based business model (just selling a product) to a service-based business model (delivering a service).

Predictive maintenance offers an opportunity for OEM's to move towards a servitization strategy. This is enabled thanks to advancing digitalization and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT).

In this ebook we will shed some light into the different business models and how OEM's can transition towards a predictive maintenance model. 

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Steps towards a successful servitization strategy

1. Transitioning to a servitization strategy

Instead of a business model based only on product sales, the OEM will have to include the delivery of services such as maintenance.

2. Lifecycle earning potential for OEMs

When deciding on possible changes within the business model, it is important for an OEM to have a clear picture of the revenue stream.

3.Predictive maintenance as a servitization strategy

We present two concrete predictive maintenance propositions based on downtime reduction; such as anomaly detection.

A servitization strategy offers game-changing insights for OEM's 

This e-book was written by industry experts  

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